Saturday, June 26, 2010

Westside Love @ Vitor's

This is the first of my Food Review Blog Posts (which will include pictures when I remember my camera). I grew up eating nice and well-balanced home cooked meals, thanks to my Mom! Once I began waitressing in college, my love for food launched into a true passion. Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE food!!! I love Good Food with Fresh Ingredients. I especially like to support the local food industry here in Cincinnati and when we travel. Even though I do love First Watch (Note: Chain restaurant) local breakfasts offer such a better dining experience. By the should also check out the Greenup Cafe in Covington.

This morning Eric, Simon and I tried Vitor's. It was delicious and the ambiance was perfect, complete with a coffee bar with six different blends with regular AND chocolate creamer. There was no Splenda but let's be honest, I need to cut myself off from those mysterious sugarless crystals anyways. We feasted on the Mocha French Toast and a Gourmet Omelet filled with red peppers, red onions, thickly sliced mushrooms and filled with cream cheese garnished with fresh fruit (which entertained Simon). We sat out on the shaded patio amidst blooming flowers.

You can find Vitor's here. I highly recommend it! Why pay $25 for a gourmet breakfast you ask? Because it's all about the Experience People!!! What a great way to start a Saturday. Next time we will try their lunch and/or dinner menu. And just so you know....we held back on trying the Breakfast Eggrolls and the Hot, Fresh Donuts which I am confident would have been spectacular!

This is our Summer list so far of places we will be visiting soon:
Myra Dionysus in Clifton
Melt in Northside
Blue Ash Chili (Recently featured on Drive In's Diner's and Dives)
Terry's Turf Club in Mt. Washington (Also recently featured on Drive In's Diner's and Dives)

Let me just say....if someone would pay me to eat food, I would greatly appreciate it!

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