Sunday, September 26, 2010

9/27/09 Simon Curtis Peters born at 4:24 p.m.
(due 9/17 by the way)

A Walk Down Memory Lane...Simon's First Year

First family photo right after birth...such an amazing feeling. Natural Childbirth was THE most bonding experience for Eric and I to date.

Our "front door" to our apt. in the residence hall upon bringing Simon home for the first time. I will always remember the love I felt returning to this door. Simon loves all the people here and he literally waves as soon as we walk onto campus to everyone in sight. His life and ours are so blessed by this community daily!

Simon is 6 days old here. We don't look half bad for all those sleepless nights :)

Kacey and I with our boys, born one day apart. Simon and Scout are about 8 weeks old here. Just after this picture was taken we had to say good-bye to our neighbors and good friends. I have thought about them everyday this past year. Simon and Scout would have been best buds. Kacey and Micah were the best neighbors we've ever had.

Sometimes the Lord knows what we need before
we can even ask him and Melissa has been one
of those constant blessings to me this year. Her
little girl is six weeks ahead of Simon and not a week has gone by that we haven't encouraged each other through text/facebook, drank coffee together, or ran together with our baby joggers.

I can easily say my mom is the most thoughtful person I know. She has been a constant encourager, listener, rescuer and giver to our family this year. I hope to be as generous as my Mom.

I took on teaching two classes at CCU and thank God Miss Adina offered to babysit while I taught. Adina is a beautiful woman and a wonderful lover of children. Thank you so much Adina for loving Simon so well and for loving Penny. You were so much more than a became a part of our family. We so look forward to what God has in store for your life.

And last but not least, I would like to whole-heartedly
nominate Eric for "Father of the Year". Eric is an amazing father. Watching Eric put Simon first as soon as he gets home from work everyday has been such a gift. Simon lights up and they have such a bond. I am continually blessed. Eric has supported me as I have many times struggled to adjust to being a primarily stay at home mom. He has been by my side as I nursed Simon for a year. (Crazy!) He used to kill himself to get home so that I could go to Yoga once a week for some much needed "me time". (one time he even wrecked his car b/c he was in such a hurry) Eric is really good at affirming my needs. Eric and I have always been honest about our relationship not being perfect but I am thankful for the commitment we have to each other and to our family. We have definitely grown so much this year.

I had no idea how this little man would change my life as I was looking down on him on this day but oh my, am I grateful. Becoming a mom has been incredibly emotional for me for many reasons. It's also allowed for a significant amount of spiritual growth. God has revealed to me areas of my self that needed some work...selfishness and impatience are just two examples of that. I am honored to be Simon's mom. I am so blessed by him. Just in the last week he has started to intentionally give me hugs and wet kisses and it has done amazing things to my heart. Thank you Lord for the blessing of children.

The list goes on and on to those who have blessed our lives this year. There are really too many to mention and you know who you are.
Yours Truly, One Sappy Momma

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Anonymous said...

Oh Priscilla, make me ball my eyes out over here. I am so blessed to know you, Eric, and Simon-and you know I don't just say that to say it. I mean it. You are a beautiful family. Happy Birthday Simon... you are one loved little dude! :)

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