Saturday, November 19, 2011

IT'S A....

Having a Gender Reveal Party was a great way to celebrate our new baby. We invited our local friends and asked them to dress in either pink or blue. Eric pulled out his special gift from some dear friends from India and I also chose to wear blue. Eric said his gut said a boy. I couldn't decide between boy or girl but chose to wear blue.


We had such a great night with friends celebrating adding another BOY to our family. We played some silly games, including testing out the old wives' tale with the string and ring. Our friend Daphane tried it first and sure enough it twirled indicating a girl. I tried it right before we cut the cake and it also indicated correctly, a boy.

My Mom and Dad kept Simon overnight so we took some cake pops to share with with Simon and my parents this morning. Simon still says he wants a girl but he also says he's a girl, so there you have it.

We are Praising God for another Baby Boy! Can't wait to meet him sometime in April (EDD: April 10).

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