Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ode to the Big Blue Cup

At times nursing a baby can feel like the life is being sucked out of you. Seriously, every time I leave my house for even an hour I typically try to grab a water to go to get me through. At times I feel when I am nursing that I cannot possibly get enough food to eat or water to drink.  When we brought Walker home I chose the big blue cup and after a year of being by my side I dedicate this entry to the cup.  I typically fill this cup up 8-10 times a day and try to keep it with me throughout the day. Does this sound silly? It is!  And yet so very necessary.

Dearest Blue Cup,
You have sustained me for 12 months. My body and Walker's body thank you!
You  have been at my bedside for 12 months to get me through the late night/early morning feedings.
You have been a constant thought on my mind every day of the past year.
You have been spilled at least 20 times by one of the family members as I continue to leave you all around the house.
You have been a consistent topic of conversation. "Where is my cup?" "Has anyone seen my cup?"
Eric at dinner, "Do you have a glass?"  Me, "Where's my cup?"

And now, Dear cup, I say Thank you and cry a few tears as the year comes to a close and I don't need you as much as I used to.

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