Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Newfound Passion in Young Living Essential Oils

Many of you have seen my Facebook feed blow up over the last 3-4 months with Essential Oils. I was first introduced to them last summer when my college friend, Lori used Lavender on Walker for his allergies. It helped him after one night of Lavender. As Fall approached our family had several different illnesses passing through us including Hand Foot Mouth Disease (all four of us), several colds and allergy flares and stomach bugs. I was nearing desperation for some health and wellness, especially as Eden's due date was quickly approaching.

After months of research, I begged Eric's blessing to purchase the Premium Starter Kit through Young Living. It costs $150 and comes with 11 everyday oils (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, PanAway, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Joy, Purification, Thieves, Frankincense & Valor) and it comes with a Diffuser.  Many of the oils can be diffused and this particular diffuser can cover up to 1200 Sq Ft. which allows the oils to benefit the whole household.  Many days I wish I had more than one diffuser.

I quickly went through several of my oils.  My initial successes are as follows:

Thieves: I put Thieves oil on the boy's feet every night before they go to bed. They love it and often ask for their oils.  Immediately Walker's chronic runny nose was dried up. If either of the boys ever have any sniffles or signs of a cold coming on I up the "dose" and put Thieves on their feet several times a day and/or diffuse Thieves as well.  One day I was going to make up my batch of Thieves (diluted 1 drop of Thieves to 4 drops of Olive Oil) and realized I was almost out. Panic!!!! It took me about a week to get another bottle in my house and what do you know....Walker got sick a few days after Eden's due date. Despite being overdue I was then asking the Lord to wait for her delivery until Walker was on the mend. That will be the last time I run out of Thieves oil. Neither of the boys have taken any prescription medications or Over the Counter drugs since I started using Thieves. I use it as a preventative and a restorative oil.  Thieves can also be used to clear up Strep Throat. The other day Eric's throat started to hurt him and he gargled thieves once before bed and once the next morning and his sore throat was gone, in ONE DAY!

Thieves Household Cleaner: You might say I'm obsessed with Thieves. When I read this blog one day I decided it was time to get a bottle of the cleaner. I have never been happier with a cleaning product. I use it on EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE! This is the only cleaner I have used for the past three months. I will be honest and say I have yet to master cleaning the toilet bowl with the spray bottle but I'm sure I'll find a solution soon.  It smells amazing and no more stinging eyes or scratchy throat from cleaning!

Lemon: Some of my favorite uses for Lemon are for my water, to remove crayon off the walls (with no elbow grease), for the allergy bomb (lemon, lavender & peppermint), and to cut down a fever. It's one of the cheaper oils and I always want to have it on hand. 

Lavender: A very popular oil. It's great for allergies. It promotes healing from cuts and scrapes. It has killed the nastiest diaper rashes on Walker mixed with Coconut oil.  It promotes relaxation and can be used to help you get to sleep. I put it in my bath water after I had Eden to promote healing.  It has sooooo many uses!!

Peace & Calming: A big favorite around here. When the boys are wild, I now have a simple solution. They each get a touch of P&C behind their ears and I take advantage of it and put what is left behind my ears. I have literally seen each of my boys calm down in less than five minutes after I put it on them and I love the smell. It's a hippie oil. Eric says he can't get used to our kids smelling like it.  :) Peace and Calming is also used for anxiety and hyper-activity.  I have not personally used it for either of those but have read numerous testimonies on them.

Peppermint: Smells amazing. Sometimes I just take off the cap and inhale Peppermint. It tastes delicious in Brownies. It helps stomach aches and promotes digestion. It can also be used for allergies. It is also used on headaches.

Purification: Four days before Christmas and 9 months pregnant I caught a stomach bug. It was nasty. Two days later Simon caught the bug. Eric's family was due to arrive the very next day and I was STRESSED OUT worrying that we would get everyone sick! Each day I would wake up waiting to see if there would be another victim. I was Saturday, Simon was Monday and my Mom caught the bug on Wednesday, Christmas day :(  I felt terrible! As Eric's family was on their way I ran my diffuser constantly alternating between Purification (to help purify the air and anything that might be tempted to spread) and Thieves, which is also highly anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Luckily, none of his family caught the bug. I have also been using 2-3 drops of Purification in each load of my laundry. I started making my own detergent from Mama's Wellness Blog recipe in October and it is unscented. Purification adds a very pleasant scent and it is non toxic! Win-Win!

These are just a few of my favorite uses. I am waiting on a few new oils to try on my next order including Orange (is also used to calm nerves/tantrums) and Carrot Seed Oil to make my first batch of homemade Sunscreen.

The more I learn, the more I appreciate these oils! MANY  people have been asking me for more information on the oils.  I will save that for the next blog, coming soon!!!

Happy Oiling!

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