Monday, April 28, 2014

How Do I Get My Hands On These Oils You Keep Talking About?


I want to try these oils for myself. What are my options to buy?

You may purchase the oils as Retail Customer or as a Wholesale Customer here.
  • Retail Customer: Purchase oils at Full Retail Price and no Starter Kit is needed.
  • Wholesale Member: Purchase oils at wholesale pricing, which is 24% off retail. A Starter Kit purchase is required.  The only requirement to begin & maintain your Wholesale Membership is a $50 purchase each year (covered the first year by both the Basic Plus or Premium Kits below). There is no monthly order required.
I want to become a Wholesale Member. What are the Starter Kit options?
  • The Basic Starter Kit is $40 and contains the most up-to-date resource guide, Essential Oil Sample Packets, all-new product and business literature, and a 5 ml roll-on bottle of Stress Away. You are basically buying a year-long membership without getting the oils.
  • The Basic Plus Starter Kit is $75 and includes everything in the Basic Starter Kit, plus an easy-to-use Home Diffuser. With this kit you are gaining the membership and a diffuser but again, without getting the oils.
  • The Premium Starter Kit is $150 and includes everything in the Basic Starter Kit, plus a Home Diffuser and an Everyday Oils collection. The Everyday oils includes (10) 5ml bottles of oils: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves, Purification, Joy, PanAway, Peace and Calming, Frankincense, and Valor. Including the Stress Away bottle you get to try - 11 bottles of oil total.  This is by far the best value considering the diffuser alone is $75 wholesale and $98.68 retail. 
Do I have to sell the oils?
  • No, you do not have to sell anything as a wholesale member.   
How can I get started?
    • Choose whether you want to enroll as a retailer or become a wholesale member.
    • My Sponsor ID: 1577473  Enroller ID: 1577473
    • Select which starter kit you want to purchase (assuming you choose wholesale). I highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit so you can get your hands on a lot of oils quickly.  
    • Next, you will be asked if you would like to purchase an Essential Rewards Starter Kit.  Learn more about Essential Rewards Here. {"I'm getting overwhelmed here,Priscilla!" I get it, I really do. You don't have to sign up for rewards right away. You can get in on the Rewards programs anytime!}
I want to learn more!!!
  • I would highly recommend doing your own research on Young Living Oils specifically.  Here are a few great resources:
    • Young Living's Seed to Seal Video (7 min) Educate yourself on the quality of Young Living's oils. They are unmatched in my opinion. Knowing where your oil comes from and how it is made can make a world of difference in the results you will gain.  Young Living does not add any synthetic oils to their bottles. When you purchase a bottle of Lavender you are REALLY getting a full bottle of lavender. You will get better results with a pure oil! 
    • Get acquainted with all of the products that Young Living offers on their website.
    • Curious if these oils really work for people? I LOVE the site. You can register for free here and do basic searches. When I am interested in what people have found successful with a particular oil I search the name of the oil. For any kind of issue that you want to address you can search that specifically. ie: Anxiety, Teething, Sleep issues, Skin blemishes, energy, indigestion, etc.
    • If you do choose to sign up under me you have access at a discounted price of $6.99 for an Essential Oiler's Handbook.  This is an excellent resource and offers so much good information.  It is a downloadable copy that you can keep on your home computer or print off to take on the go. 

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